Results speak louder than words

You don’t need an expert to tell you that there is something wrong with your computer, when you are struggling every day to work on it. If it fails to launch either applications or the operating system fast enough, if error messages pop-up from nowhere and if crashes are way too often, it is obvious that you have a problem. In order to shatter any doubt and to identify the issue with pinpoint accuracy, all you have to do is to run a pc speed test by using a specialized software.

It is less important if you download it from the internet or perform the scan online, what matters is to choose a tool that delivers trustworthy results. There are few outcomes for these tests and usually the results indicate a chronic problem that has something to do with either malicious software or junk files. In case you are presented with results that indicate either of these issues, you shouldn’t panic but start a methodic search for a system optimizer. Don’t  rush your decision, because by this stage what matters most is for the program you choose to be capable of cleansing the computer thoroughly.

Viruses are just the tip of the iceberg and behind them one can find a plethora of malicious software that are just as deadly and have the same effect on the computer. If the pc speed test indicates potential virus infestation but your antivirus doesn’t trace the cause, you should definitely choose another software for protection. For those who do their part and compare plenty of system optimizers, the odds are that the handful apps that stand out from the crowd will also guarantee virus protection. This is not a gimmick meant to increase sells, but an integrate part of optimization, so it should be treated accordingly.

Another major reason for poor performance are software issues which can range from having too many programs that are malfunctioning to large deposits of junk files. The latter exist on any computer no matter how well maintained it might be, because the operating system creates registries all the time and some of them become outdated. Even the tiniest operation creates a few scraps, so it is downright impossible to prevent these scraps from appearing. The difference between a computer that has a system optimizer and one that doesn’t is that the first will regularly get cleaned up.

Junk files only become a problem when they take up hundreds of megabytes of disk space and waste processing power, something that won’t happen if an optimizer is used regularly. For malfunctioning apps, the solution is straightforward when they can’t be fixed or brought up to date. It is no coincidence that many optimizers have their own uninstaller that works for any application, so that users can get rid of the useless ones with little fuss. It all start with the pc speed test, but in order for the results to be meaningful, users need to follow through with the purchase of an advanced system optimizer.

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Reversing the course of time

Computers do age and they do it faster than we think, with the decrease in performance being increasingly difficult to bear. There are two main reasons for why we find it excruciating to work on a PC that is not responding properly to our command and as time goes by, frustration mounts. One of the reasons we are no longer willing to cope with an inappropriate computer speed is that we know how the system used to work. As the new generation of PCs emerge and increasingly powerful hardware is made available, we start considering the prospect of replacing a few components or the entire system.

The idea grows into our minds and we are looking for excuses to make the purchase, even though it is clearly not necessary to overreact. A more convenient solution in terms of costs and which can be used on the long run is the acquisition of a system optimizer. It has the tough mission of removing all those files that are responsible for the slowdown and to restore the computer to its initial capabilities. Some will find it hard to believe that a software can achieve something like this, but they will be pleasantly surprised.

One of the things that these applications are good at is to clean up the hard disk in a matter of seconds, and leave just the useful applications behind. The cleanse begins with the leftovers that have survived former attempts of deletion and continues with functional programs that are not useful. In case of junk files, the user has little to do in addition to scanning and purging them, because these are merely scraps which can’t function on their own and present no benefits whatsoever.

On the other hand, most of the programs that are taking up unnecessary disk space are disguised into practical apps. Those who have an impressive collection of software on their machine find it particularly difficult to distinguish between those that are still useful and obsolete ones. The computer speed suffers if too many programs are competing for limited resources and the optimizer can help the user in making the decision. It refreshes his memory by associating all the software with additional information, so no matter how old they might be, the one who installed them will remember all the essential facts.

If they still serve a purpose or if the user expects to use them in the future, these apps will remain on the disk and no harm will come to them. By contrary, those apps that are outdated or discontinued, will be immediately uninstalled so that disk space and computing power will be relieved. The best optimizers will take care of all the details by adding some additional instruments into the mix, such as their own uninstallers or auto-updating features. They role is to simplify the users mission, regardless if he chooses to save the programs and bring them up to date, or decides to get rid of them.

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Do you really want to speed you PC? Here you go then…

Everyone nowadays is having the question “how to speed my pc?” Well, it is quite simple and all you need is to follow a set of instructions in order to enhance the speed of your personal computer.
The first and the far most approach in this regard is that you should boost up the performance of your system by fixing the corrupt files present in your PC. When we go in the details, the working body of windows is composed of a set of function files that work as a unit in order to ensure the performance of various functions for instance your MS word, electronic mails and web browsers. A thorough scan of the computer files and further deletion of unwanted ones will certainly enhance the speed of personal computer to an amazing extent. Scan and removal of the folders of Windows operating system is carried out through a specific process abbreviated as SFC. This procedure known as system folder tester resides within the system itself. This procedure initiates with a number of steps that are to be followed.

First of all shut down any other programs you are currently running on your personal computer. Go for the Start option and further opt for “Run”. A small window will open and you have to put in the keywords: SFC /SCANNOW. Select the okay option in the end. Going this way will hopefully provide you your desired results but if someone is still having the argues “speed my pc“, then he ought to have other issues behind that are working backstage making the system’s progress slow. More than eighty five percent of the individuals suffering from these problems are most likely having a distorted registry of Windows. You will now have to go for the registry repair to fix this issue. It will help you rebuild the distorted files and folders.

The registry of windows plays the same role in the windows operating system as the brain in a human body. It is a vital component and is the factor that matters most frequently when it comes to “how to speed my pc”. If the windows registry is corrupted, the performance of your central processing unit is reduced to the minimum possible extent. You are likely to face a number of problems like immediate and unexpected shut downs, jamming of windows and other disorientation in your windows operating system besides the slow working of your computer. The function of a registry cleaner is to rebuild or fix the errors collected after long spans of usage and bring the PC to its genuine state. In real, there are hundreds of registry cleaners available on the internet. Most of these cleaners claim to be the most efficient workers in this field but the fact is that you can just rely on a dozen or so in this regard. If you are still having the questions “how to speed my pc”, you should surf the internet and look for the vital links related to it.

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How to test the speed of your computer?

Many people around the world are conscious about the speed of their PC. Even more people want to test computer speed to make sure that the computer speed matches the specifications of the CPU. There are many online methods available to test computer speed. Not all the methods are reliable but you can definitely trust top 3 to 4 sites on Google search engine. These methods of speed test are so easy that even a kid can use them. One of the most reliable sites for checking computer speed is speakeasy.

Many software applications test computer speed by using processor specification. All you have to do is to go online and search for computer speed test. Many links will open up. You can try out several links before selecting the suitable site. From there you can easily download the software for your PC by clicking on download option. You can use CPU speed professional for accurate speed test. This program has attracted worldwide audience. With this program you have the option of submitting your results to CPU speed online World benchmark. This enables you to compare the speed of your PC with that of computer systems of other people around the world. Once you have installed the program in your PC, you can easily test computer speed by clicking on the Test CPU speed icon on the left side of the program. You may also click on the show CPU details option to know the precise details of the CPU. The software gives you the option of viewing and registering online CPU speed.

The accuracy of speed test may vary depending upon the situation. You may not get an accurate speed if you have many different programs running on your computer. So, in order to get accurate speed you will have to close all operational windows including web browser windows. You may also run the test at different times to make sure that you are getting accurate results.

Another method to test computer speed is by restarting your PC. You can take note of the time of its start up. Note this time because you will need it in the future. Then you can go to control panel and delete all those programs which do not use because they are a burden on your computer. This will most likely increase the speed of your PC. Then you can go one step further and scan your computer for the viruses. You should also delete the cookies from your computer. Then again restart the computer and note the time of the start up. After that you can compare final start up time with initial one. This will give you a picture of where your computer stands in terms of speed.

The second method of speed test is not very reliable and accurate but nevertheless it gives you an alternative to using CPU speed professional. All those people who are interested in testing their computer speed can get all the info about suitable programs from the internet.   

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Test your PC’s speed at a single click

Testing your computer speed will enable you to ensure whether the amount you paid for your PC meets your requirements and the cash you paid or not. There are certain methods to test computer speed most of which are being offered free of cost on the internet. The issue that how authentic these ways are is a separate story and it is being left to the reader himself. The procedure to test computer speed is relatively a convenient task and a child who is only four years old can do that also. A large number of websites are offering their services in this regard and you have to pay them nothing. Surf the internet, enter “test PC speed” and resultantly you will have a million of options to go for. It is recommended that you better opt for the first few options and rely on them.

The most reliable and authentic ones to test computer speed is speakeasy. All you have to do is to search these words on the internet and you will find it easily. You have to provide the exact location you are residing in and click test speed. The position is asked for, to ensure the provision of best services. This process does not take even a single whole minute and enables you to test your PC speed.

The second procedure for the verification of performance on a slow PC is testing the speed of your processor. This method first demands a download but that too is an easy one. Look for an internet link that provides you the facility to test computer speed, the most widely recommended approach among which is the program known as computer speed professional. The reason behind its recommendation is that its version is free of cost and the customer reviews regarding it are outstanding. It will enable you test the genuine speed of your personal computer and once you have used it you can put in the consequences for the comparison of your Central Processing Unit within the country you are living presently and even worldwide. All you need to do to run this program is to download the program, move according to the provided guidelines and install it. The installation completes with a provision of desktop shortcut for your convenient approach. As soon as you have finished with it, click its shortcut at your desktop and go for the portray processor speed option which is available in the extreme left corner and you will be provided the details. In try to get the best consequences, put a temporary end to all the windows you have opened. Select the test computer speed right above the window to initiate the process. Let the procedure approach its end and then opt for the show consequences option to view the speed of your system you are currently running at. You will be able to test computer speed this way. Search the internet, put in the above mentioned words and select the one that best suits you and your requirements.

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Speed up your pc—Just a few steps

The task to speed up pc can be an irritating job in some cases. If it is the case that you are not aware of the factors that are responsible for the less speed of your pc you will not be able to achieve contended consequences. There are a number of tips that can aid you to speed up pc. Some of these efficient tips and methodologies are discussed under that can boost the speed of pc like a newly purchased computer or laptop. The performance of certain steps can be ensured to enhance the speed of your personal computer. If you are able to sort out some of the useless programs or the ones that are seldom used, you will be able to do the job for yourself.

The speed of your random access memory will be increased to an amazing extent if you get rid of these programs. All you have to do is to just go the Control panel in the Start Menu function select the remove programs and at last delete them. The second major thing you can do to speed up pc is to have an overview of your hard disk and remove the songs, videos, files or other programs that you do not use. Delete the temporary files and get rid of cookies. The removal of cookies can be done by going to the Tools menu, opt for the Internet Options and delete them. The third thing you can do is that you can defragment your pc. For this purpose, select My Computer Menu and then select the Local Disk. Further commands will be provided by the system itself. Fourth thing you have to look for to speed up pc is the capacity of your random access memory. You should be well aware that it tends to be your virtual memory. A majority of the programs that we try to run nowadays demand a sufficient space. If you are not having a big random access memory, you should not try to run more than one programs in the mean time.

The issues of personal computer performance and its speed have a deep relation with the registry mistakes. All you have to do is to purchase a registry cleaner from a trustworthy organization. You then need to scan your computer if you are having registry issues. There is a wide range of websites that allow you to scan your computer, paying nothing. If you are desperately in need of a registry cleaner, then you ought to view beforehand. If the amount of scanned mistakes in your registry exceeds fifty, it can be the major factor why you are having so many issues regarding your system performance. This program will help you to remove the hidden fragments of programs and the unrevealed data that makes your computer to slow down, generate repeated errors or tend to jam its working or immediately shutdown. The task to speed up pc will in the end rely on the mixture of these steps, among which the most highlighted factor is the running of registry cleaner which will enhance the speed of your personal computer to an amazing extent.

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Speed Test Your System As well as Speed It Up Without Any kind of Issues

Once the computer has stayed on table for a certain amount of time frame, you might detect that it has began to operate at a low speed. You could do a performance test to see if the system is in fact delivering nicely. You could carry out computer speed test in a number of ways. Yet our aim is to keep computer system operating at good speed. Here we’re about to look at this issue from two perspectives.

Viewpoint One: Makes Use Of The Speed Evaluation Tool

You could perform computer speed test of the computer system through the use of several tools that would assess the processor speed and related elements. The result might appear in the units of Mhz or Gigahertz. If the computer’s CPU speed is in Megahertz, you should be conscious that running large programs will slow down the computer system and you’ll need to think about upgrading your computer if you are a lover of online games and some other graphic applications. Preferably, the processor speed should be at minimum one Gigahertz.

You can find different computer speed test resources that may be very useful for any kind of layman because the program will point out the issues in the computer which make it slow. You will have methods to change the process of rectifying all those errors. As you find these tools for free, you could evaluate some of these resources by downloading and installing them. You can continue to keep the perfect one and remove the other ones.

Perspective Two: Evaluate The Start Up Intervals And Thoroughly clean The Computer

This method is very easy and needs absolutely no professional application. The theory lies in the principle of cleansing the computer of all of the unnecessary as well as unneeded data. The very first point to carry out is to take note of the start-up duration of the computer as you’ll be comparing this time frame with a different start-up time frame later.
Now search the installed packages to check if any kind of software is not necessary. You must un-install these kinds of unnecessary software programs. After that you may consider taking assistance of Windows utilities to remove unneeded documents that are utilizing storage area capacity and memory. You may clean the computer system of temporary files, cookies and the net storage cache. This may free a few room on your computer’s hard drive. The memory space may also have more area. At this point scanning for malware is required as viruses make the system slow.

Now you need to reactivate the system and check the time of the start up. If your computer system starts up is quicker than previous time period, your problem is vanished. Yet when the start-up time frame continues to be very long, you have to ponder in another way. A great deal of system garbage and glitches are restricting the overall performance of the system. That’s the reason why you should think about formatting the hard disk. It is always good to format the system under the assistance of the pc professional. This may surely increase the computer speed.

Formatting must be viewed as the final option to turn to. When your computer isn’t improving at all, you could elect to format the pc to be able to get rid of all the mistakes forever.

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