How to test the speed of your computer?

Many people around the world are conscious about the speed of their PC. Even more people want to test computer speed to make sure that the computer speed matches the specifications of the CPU. There are many online methods available to test computer speed. Not all the methods are reliable but you can definitely trust top 3 to 4 sites on Google search engine. These methods of speed test are so easy that even a kid can use them. One of the most reliable sites for checking computer speed is speakeasy.

Many software applications test computer speed by using processor specification. All you have to do is to go online and search for computer speed test. Many links will open up. You can try out several links before selecting the suitable site. From there you can easily download the software for your PC by clicking on download option. You can use CPU speed professional for accurate speed test. This program has attracted worldwide audience. With this program you have the option of submitting your results to CPU speed online World benchmark. This enables you to compare the speed of your PC with that of computer systems of other people around the world. Once you have installed the program in your PC, you can easily test computer speed by clicking on the Test CPU speed icon on the left side of the program. You may also click on the show CPU details option to know the precise details of the CPU. The software gives you the option of viewing and registering online CPU speed.

The accuracy of speed test may vary depending upon the situation. You may not get an accurate speed if you have many different programs running on your computer. So, in order to get accurate speed you will have to close all operational windows including web browser windows. You may also run the test at different times to make sure that you are getting accurate results.

Another method to test computer speed is by restarting your PC. You can take note of the time of its start up. Note this time because you will need it in the future. Then you can go to control panel and delete all those programs which do not use because they are a burden on your computer. This will most likely increase the speed of your PC. Then you can go one step further and scan your computer for the viruses. You should also delete the cookies from your computer. Then again restart the computer and note the time of the start up. After that you can compare final start up time with initial one. This will give you a picture of where your computer stands in terms of speed.

The second method of speed test is not very reliable and accurate but nevertheless it gives you an alternative to using CPU speed professional. All those people who are interested in testing their computer speed can get all the info about suitable programs from the internet.   

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